Calvary Baptist School

Calvary Baptist School

Give your child a superior foundation in education.

About Calvary Baptist School

Calvary Baptist Christian School is founded on the belief that all wisdom and knowledge comes from God.  It is our belief that children need spiritual, physical, and academic development to become well-rounded individuals in the world God has created for them.  We believe that each child is a gift from God to us, to be carefully nurtured in His Word.  Our goal is to teach our students the truth of God's  word and to  equip them with the necessary academic skills needed to excel in the world around them. Positions in our school are filled by qualified and degreed individuals who are dedicated Christians, faithfully serving the Lord within their church. We invite you to call and reserve a time to come and tour the school to see what Calvary Baptist is all about.

(985) 643-7224
1615 Old Spanish Trail Slidell, LA 70458

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